Does anyone have a short paper on the care and feeding of both the company and its 
employees during a conversion/migration from one system to another.

I'm facilitating a migration from MV/Results/Primac to Great Plains and it is a very 
large mismatch. GP seems to be shopping-cart oriented and Results/Primac are more of a 
traditional Order Entry system. 

I can't seem to convey that difference as management (read: those who don't use the 
computer) like the GUI and all of the nice links and screens. The worker bees are in a 
turmoil with the increased amount of carpal-tunnel potential mouse/keyboard back and 
forth as well as the absense of many functions that were present under the MV app. 
Their productivity has fallen 75% as it takes 4x longer to enter an order. 

There are no sales tax lookups, no product or customer lookups. You clearly cannot 
scroll through 35,000 line items. There's no easy alternate shipping addresses and the 
original reports leave a lot to be desired. The accounting package is appealing but a 
company doesn't exist just for the accounting dept. Not to mention all the 
hamburger-helper features i've installed over the last 6.5 years.

I also have to fabricate custom reports with Crystal Reports and/or Access as there 
are many fields of data that should be there like customer back orders, sample 
customers, customer categories and a whole truckload of sales reporting fields that 
simply don't exist. Am I wrong in concluding that Great Plains is just a glorified 
shopping cart application.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of mis-match, especially with great plains. At 
least i could inform the users that others have these growing pains. There doesn't 
seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for them.

thanks in advance. 

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