filepeek.exe does exist in the bin directory on my UV 10.1-NT machine.
Haven't tried it to see if it actually works.  I have found at times that
programs exist but will not run on NT.

Ron White

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Hi Steve,

Use the filepeek verb, it is in the Universe bin directory (I presume
this is unix as filepeek does not exist on windows (AFAIK)). Run this
and look at the header information, it will tell you either 32 or 64 bit
file. I also have a magic file (thanks to Glenn Herbert) that tells me
from the files command at the unix prompt. I will publish this if you
need it.


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or 32 bit addressing

Hi Steve,

there are two ways that I know of :

1. Try to use the verb uvfixfile -f filename from Unix. It will complain
that the file is 64 bit.

2. Use the STATUS statement in Basic. Note - this is not the same as the
STATUS() function. This is the way that I do it. Write a little program
that reads next from a list of file names, opens each file in turn and
use the status statement to return a dynamic array of info about the
If attribute 32 is 5, the file is 64 bit. Do a HELP BASIC STATUS to get
full syntax.



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Subject:    UV: How do I determine whether a file is using 64 bit or 32

HI All,

We have several files that are right at the 2 Gig limit. We are pretty
that we have resized them using the 64 bit option.

However, just to make sure, how may we determine if the file is indeed
64 bit addressing.


Steve Ferries
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