Under Universe if I attempt to read a record (using READ) from a part file
but using a key which actually maps (via the partitioning algorithm) to a
different part file - then the READ just takes the ELSE clause without
setting STATUS() to anything.

Altering the program to use READU instead of READ and the ELSE clause is
still taken - but this time STATUS() is set to 2.

Looking in the Universe Basic manual I can't find mention of what a STATUS()
value of 2 means in relation to a READU statement (although it does say -2
(negative 2) signifies "the part number is invalid". I checked ED.B and
COPY.B in the uv BP file, and both of these programs specifically check for
a STATUS() value of 1 or 2 after doing a READU and then display an
appropriate error message relating to part files and distributed files.

What I can't understand is why the READ (without setting a lock) doesn't
return the same STATUS(). How am I supposed to determine that the reason the
record wasn't found was due to key being invalid and not just because it
didn't exist?

If I remember correctly under PI/Open when attempting to READ (or READU) a
record using an incorrect key, the program would take the ON ERROR clause
with STATUS() being set to 32240. 

Another related problem were having at the moment - when attempting to read
a VALID record from a part file via uvnet using READ - the record is read
correctly BUT using READU the ELSE clause is taken and again STATUS()
returns 2 even though the record does exist in the file. Any ideas on this

Adrian Womack

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