We had the same problem when migrating UV from DEC in one data center to
HP managed in another data center, even though it was a honking big HP.

The sys admins configured memory memory similar to how their 20 other
unix machines were set up.  The trick was to configure most memory for
shared data, so that the large UV files used most of the day pretty much
stay in memory all the time.

I have no personal experience managing unix memory, but these guys did,
for Informix, Oracle, etc, and they see UV as acting very differently
(well, "weird" was their exact word) from all other DBMSs they have

Once the memory allocation was resolved, the new system screamed as

Give it a try,
Chuck Stevenson

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> We are looking for some insight from anyone that has 
> experienced performance degradation in UV, as it relates to 
> the OS.  We are running UV 10.0.14 on AIX 5.1.we are having 
> terrible 'latency' within the application.  This is a recent 
> conversion from D3 to UV and our client is extremely 
> disappointed with the performance.  We've had IBM hardware 
> support and Universe support in on the box, but to no 
> avail..we are seeing high paging faults and very highly 
> utilized disk space.  Any thoughts or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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