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Just to correct you, jbase does not require you to move to 1NF files to
run on an RDBMS.  Jbase will port multi dimensional data across to an
RDBMS and automatically handle the conversion to multiple tables
invisible to the application.  The issue is in the quality of the
dictionary, like lengths and data types that RDBMS do not handle
breaking the rules.  Jbase does handle a lot of these issues and I would
assume IBM will incorporate that in U2.  Also in such an environment you
would not move all your files over to an RDBMS, it would make sense to
leave work files and control files in Universe which are usualy the
worst offenders.  If you wish to make your application portable in a
future environment like this, look at SQLising your files including
multivalues and starting cleaning your data as this will be your biggest
issue, not multivalues.

Just another point, jbase does the same for Cache, which is another
multi-dimensional database, although not PICK.


David Jordan

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The way that jBase handles the problem is by requiring the database be
flattened out (i.e., no multivalues) and strict data typing. This is of
course the standard with 1NF databases. Unfortunately for most of us, it
means a complete redesign of the existing mv database structure. Over
the past several years, all new systems that I have developed have used
1NF. Still most of the data still uses multivalues and would take years
to convert. :-)


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