Ken has defined the steps very well so there is no need to repeat them here.
I will just chime in that this was almost too easy.  I moved from 5.2.X to
6.0.8 in a very short time and without any problems.  I just decided to
upgrade one day when I was bored and then about an hour later ---- done.

Usually, the biggest issue you may face is if you forget to change absolute
paths (if you load into something like /ud/udxx where xx is the version).
You shouldn't really have any absolute paths to begin with, but, I'm never
surprised to see them pop up (even after I get rid of them).  Use PATHSUB to
make these changes, but, be careful to not make a mistake.



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> Yeatrakas,James wrote:

> We are a Unix shop using Unidata 5.7. We are being asked to
> upgrade to 6.0 in our LIVE system without much advanced
> preparation. If there is anybody who can point to anything
> that we should be concerned or aware of, your input is highly
> desired. We are scheduled to do this on 4/24 so don't have
> much opportunity to react. Thanks in advance!

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