I write this mail in answer to you's work offer, interesaria to see the
possibility me at the moment of working via mail since alive and work in
Argentine Republic.

It sustains east offer but of 20 years of experience in PICK/D3 -
UNIVERSE/U2, like analyst-programmer and to lider of projects and with good
knowledge teorics

if this offers interesing , I send yours my curriculum

jose manuel garcia

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From: "Greg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2003 12:58 AM
Subject: OT - Position Vacant

> Hi all
> We are a SB+ and UniVerse site (book supplier) located in Sydney,
> Australia.
> Support and maintenance is carried out in-house by a small team and
> there will be a major enhancement project undertaken shortly to complete
> conversion of the existing system to SB+.
> Due to relocation by one of our team members we have a vacancy for an
> experienced SB+ / UniVerse person.
> If there is anyone who would be interested in such a position please
> e-mail me direct at [EMAIL PROTECTED] for further details or a
> discussion.
> Kind regards
> Greg
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