Clarify.  Are you talking about *within* the mv environment? Or an outside app?

Accuterm has the ability to recognize where a mouse-click is in regards to (col, row). 
 This is the same col, row that PRINT @ uses.  Now if your mv programs have a single, 
standard INPUT subroutine then you can simply modify that subroutine.

So your modification would look something like
If then
   if mouseclick then
      get.location; determine.which.field; reset fieldno = this.field
      redo.input = true; return
end else
   input xxx

Or something along those lines.
I have only seen one application package that integrated this ability, however, the 
screen drivers it built allowed the user to point-and-click and enter data into any 
field in any order on the screen.  It was then up to the programmer to ensure that 
intra-field dependencies were properly handled.  But it was certainly a good start.

Is that what you meant?

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> I haven't gotten through all of the postings in the GUI thread as yet, but
> am working on the question of how to write a GUI that is as good as a "green
> screen" from the perspective of folks currently using a green screen
> application.  I saw hints at that, but nothing that tackled it from the
> standpoint of being able to use any tools on the market today to accomplish
> this (no need to retain databasic code, for example).
> What could be used to actually replace, completely, the character screens?
> Requirements:
> 0) work with U2 as multiuser databases
> 1) Be able to use any Windows, new Mac (unix) or Linux client
> 2) Have graphically attractive & colorful screens, looking enough like
> standard GUIs (M$, in particular) that users would understand the use of
> icons, etc.
> 3) Respond to keystrokes by users -- not only to the click of a "submit"
> button
> 4) Require no preparation of the client computers in advance of using the
> software, likely directing user to a web page.
> 5) "type ahead" can be done so that the user is not waiting constantly for
> the computer to respond
> 6) Heads down data entry folks are as happy with this as they were with
> their green screens when they first got those and have only minor complaints
> if converting now from a green screen, none of substance
> What are the options -- who has written or seen such a GUI? 
>  --dawn
> Dawn M. Wolthuis
> Tincat Group, Inc.
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