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But the problem has always been the equivalent of what mvInternet does. That is, connect Apache to Universe. So you have another idea of how to connect Apache (or really any other page server) to Universe? I don't understand what "open port 80" means or whether this actually allows Apache to talk directly to Universe or whatever.

One way is by CGI-scripts:

In cgi-bin ( or whatever Your Apache stores them see Apache config )

place a shell script like:

echo Content-type: text/html
read form
echo $form  >>  /var/apache/log.form
cd  /my/account
/u1/uv/bin/uv  "my.para  $form"   |  tee log.answer

( the echo $form   and the   | tee log.answer  is only for debugging )
And you may want to concatenate  some environment  variables from apache
like  $REMOTE_HOST  to the form.

my.para should start a program that interpretes the forms content ( wich it will find in @COMMAND ) and call the application routines. Whatever is printed to std output from within these will be forwarded to the browser.

The format  of   $form above is   variable1=value1&variable2=value2&...
where the values have a few characters encoded as  %xx   (ascii
e.g.  space, equals, ampersand.

The  html form  must be  type 'POST' and  have an  action='myscript'
in the form tag
refering to the shell script in cgi-bin.

Now there are only some minor details left  as figuring out how to
preserve session level data and setting up rules for translating form fields
to u2 actions and  ... writing the application   :^ )

We have used this approach on netscape and apache http-servers.

cheers / mats

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