> Here's my expertise:
> 1) Pick BASIC
> 2) I can write HTML and I wrote a few javascripts!
> 3) I setup Apache as a web server

Then Pixius' product is *perfect* for you, that's all you need.  Using
exactly that, we had both a reporting front-end (read-only) and one that
was read-write for users to enter records into a handful of files.  If
we knew then what we know now, we might still be using it, but we didn't
design it very well and it became difficult to maintain.  That was *our*
fault, and perhaps an inherent issue with procedural programming where
all variables are global-- the usual gripes about UniBasic coming from
an object-oriented programmer.

> But the problem has always been the equivalent of what 
> mvInternet does.  That is, connect Apache to Universe.  So 
> you have another idea of how to connect Apache (or really any 
> other page server) to Universe?  I don't understand what 
> "open port 80" means or whether this actually allows Apache 
> to talk directly to Universe or whatever.

What do you not like about MVInternet?  I didn't do the original setup,
but you need to configure Apache so that it does CGI, probably by
installing a module (?).  Then you place "mvi.exe" in the cgi-bin
directory, it has a config file to tell it what to connect to, and it
basically "logs in" with a telnet session and runs UniBasic programs at
the colon prompt.  The output of those (whatever you CRT to the
"screen", which is now HTML instead of columns of data) gets captured,
you tell it to swap [TOKEN.NAMES] with the values that you set up in two
dynamic arrays, and it sends the resulting HTML out to the browser.  I
think there's a trial version, grab it and ask if you have any

Port 80 is the default HTTP ("web") port.  It's what you connect to when
you type http://www.example.com.  Sometimes you will see a URL like
http://www.example.com:8081 where the number after the colon is a
different port number.  If you have a URL starting with https:// it is
going to port 443, the default SSL port.  Apparently you can use
CallHTTP to answer requests directly from UniVerse.  I would not expose
a port on my production database server to the internet, however!

Wendy Smoak
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
ASU IA Information Resources Management 
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