Hello all,
 Today was the first time that i ever noticed there was a Universe 
newsgroup. I have been programming in pick basic for over a year now...since 
i finished college. The main area that i work is in developing web 
applications using c++ ATL, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, asp, vbscript, 
and the UV database, so i have a pretty good idea of how a web app and 
Universe should get along. Although i am pretty young and still a junior-
level programmer, I hope that i will be beneficial to this group. My 
knowledge of universe is fairly small, as i have had no one to mentor me 
except for a few old pick technical manuals and the UV help feature.

Anyway, about two months ago i installed an ibm f50 running aix 4.3 and uv 
10.7. This system was designed to work with the client's main system by 
making data accesible to the Internet. The two systems are connected through 
a pix firewall. I used the UV 10.7 replication feature to replicate data 
between the two systems. The frequency of replication is 1 minute. 
 Yesterday. the publishing system, another risc running on aix 5.1 with UV 
10.7, began to periodically give the error message 'udr log daemon is not 
responding, will try again' when trying to update certain files on 
publishing system. When the error message appears, the files will not be 
updated. A few seconds later, the same file may be updated without an error 
 While examining, I noticed that the uvlog file created yesterday that the 
publisher stores the information for the client to update itself from was 
still in the directory. I have noticed that normally this file grows to 
about 5 mb, clears itself, deletes itself, and creates a new file. The new 
file was created, files are still being updated, but the old file is still 
 This message does not occur very frequently, but it is on a live system and 
has the users pretty upset... making me look pretty bad. unfortunately i do 
not have the knowledge or the resources to do the necessary tests to 
understand what the problem is. 

Any advice from those with more experience than I would be greatly 
Thank You,
Government Service Automation

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