Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:

> I think someone posted the name of the voc entry required if you want
> to do something at the time of an ODBC login, such as initializing
> named common memory.  Otherwise, I suspect it is in the doc somewhere
> (sorry I don't have more details).  Check the voc on your previous
> system for an entry like ...ODBC... and on the new and be sure the
> same routine is present, compiled, cataloged on both machines.  --dawn

The entire account got moved across, VOC and all and then
convcode/convdata-ed.  So I don't think we can be missing any VOC entries,
but I cannot find any sign of a paragraph which fits the description.

I've also searched the PDF doco and the list archives but can't find
anything which says what the name of the paragraph/cataloged routine needs
to be in order to do one-time initialisation for ODBC sessions like LOGIN
does for udt sessions.

I do notice that if I go to the account directory and go straight into "sql"
(no LOGIN paragraph run) the query fails abruptly with a message about an
unopened file variable and a MATREAD error, but if I go first into udt
(LOGIN initialisation runs) and then from there to sql then the query is

Can anybody definitively say what I need to have (VOC entry or cataloged
routine) and what it needs to be called in order to get initialisation done
when an ODBC session is connected?



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