In my 15 years of printing/using bar codes, I've concluded that it's best to
not re-invent the wheel and purchase printers that are bar code capable.
Thus, you don't really make up the bar code lines themselves, you just send
an escape sequence telling the printer what kind of code, orientation,
position and value.

I used to do bar code manually on Printronix printers and will never go back
to calculating the spaces. Let the printers do their magic.

my 1 cent.
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> I am attempting to identify a solution to printing barcodes from within
> Universe basic.  I have reviewed the archives at IndexFocus and found some
> references to examples, however the 2 of 5 example only handles numeric
> and the link to the 128 barcode was no longer active.
> Can anyone provide me with some information or examples.
> We are a Windows environment with HP printers.
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
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