We've used the free Windows "nthandle" program (command line or GUI
version) from SysInternals to "see" what's running.... Also PORT.STATUS,
which on Windows you have to run from the UV account as an administrator
(I think).


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what I do for that is I have a script I run when either of UV admins
logs in which checks the status of any phantoms that are supposed to
be running on a daily basis, and if not, reports that they are not
which is much easier in *NIX (with the ps command). I don't know what
you would use in NT to see running processes. Using PORT.STATUS unless
your root i *NIX only shows your processes, not all processes. Don't
how it behaves in windows.

This is fine for one or two events.

However, the scheduling software (like BENTON and others) would probably
be the better route to take if you have a lot of scheduling. But You
also write a small UV Basic program that would sample the date/time,
check to see if any processes should fire off, and phantom them off,
do a CHAIN to phantom itself again (to prevent previous completed
from hanging the processes up waiting for the parent phantom to die).

If you go this route, make sure the checks are only done once per minute
or you will start rapid firing processes until the minute is up.

At least in UV phantoms are free (unless you start using the socket
with the newer UV releases - or so it's been stated).


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>I like the scheduled approach (NT).  A phantom in UniVerse 
>like is shown
>below with the LOOP/REPEAT gets lost when the server is restarted.  So
>you need to have a procedure that restarts the job.  If you use the NT
>scheduler, it is always going to run -- even after a restart.
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