Steven R. Shourds wrote:
I am currently evaluating different platforms and have been lurking here for a bit. Very lively and informative!

We currently use D3 on Windows. I had to integrate SYNC from Sysinternals to flush memory since Windows (or D3) does not seem do it right. We've had problems in the past where customers could loose hours worth of data if there was a system halt!

So, would I have to do the same thing with Unidata or did Unidata "do it right" and provide for safe delivery of the data to the harddrive and then if so is it configurable?



I can't speak for Unidata or Windows, but UniVerse on unix handles syncs correctly in the default configuration. This is the default setting from the uvconfig file along with comments:

# UVSYNC - This boolean if set will change the
#       behavior of UniVerse calling the UNIX sync()
#       call on exit the environment. A non-zero value
#       will mean UniVerse will do a UNIX sync() if a job
#       leading UniVerse process exits. This value should
#       only be modified if you know exactly what you are
#       doing. Data loss may occur if UNIX sync is not
#       executed frequently enough.

I'm assuming the default for Unidata is the same.


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