I was looking for any information about what may cause an RD Group Lock
without a record lock.  I am currently experiencing a problem where a
basic program is trying to perform a write to a file, but the file has a
current RD lock.  The user no. with the RD lock is the same as the user
who is running the process.  There are no READU or WRITEU statements in
the process.  

Since it is a nightly routine that is run, I am phantoming off a small
log process to capture ps, list_readu, and port.status.  Before the
program is run, there is no group lock on the file.  

Even better, this only occurs a few times a week.  The rest of the time,
the program runs just fine.  

Does anyone have any ideas?  

Jeffrey Lawson
Technical Support Engineer
Columbia Ultimate Business Systems
(800)488-4420 x276
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