You have access to a variety of clients including java, .Net, VB, etc.
Access can be through ODBC & OLE DB, but also through a UniObjects which
is a class that drops into java or a com object that drops into VB &
.Net.  This is more efficient than the ODBC environment.  (a .Net
interface is on its way, but this is not necessary for .Net development
just an upgrade of the COM object) If you require more of the Internet
style application, then you should also look at the Redback product
which handles all the Web requirements.  You also are able to integrate
with Web Services, xml, etc.  Additionally there are a host of
development tools and reports tools available for the Universe
environment that allow rapid development.

Universe sites are using Chrystal reports, so that should not be a

When developing in Universe, this is an opportunity to think outside the
square, for though Universe can handle many of things DB2 does it also
does a lot of things that DB2 cannot do.

Universe has a very sophisticated Programming Language built into the
database that can be used to build complex procedure calls way beyond
the tradional SQL Programming Languages.  Universe also is capable of
handling multidimensional tables which DB2 does not handle.  

If there is something you are trying to do a certain way, I am sure you
will find someone on this list that has tackled this problem.

With an open mind, I am sure you will find Universe a very powerful
development environment, but don't get caught into the trap that the
RDBMS way of doing things is necessarily the best way of doing things as
there are sometimes easier and quicker ways of doing things from a
different perspective

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Subject: Frontend to UniVerse?


I would like to know what programming languages would be best to program
frontend to a UniVerse 10 database? Database on AIX5 P Series. I have
done a 
frontend to a SQL Database using VS .NET before but nothing from a UNIX 

The frontend end would run on WinXP Machines and need to run commands on
AIX machines to run daily processes and also reporting as well as you
currently manually putting in the UniQuery and then importing it into
would be great if we could use Crystal Reports like i used on my SQL 

Any help of websites reguarding this please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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