Dear Sir, 

I am Sir Marras Mbeti, the Cabinet Director of the 

Central African Republicís former President Ange Felix Patassť. Iím presently 
in exile at Cotnou in Benin republic (west africa)After the military coup. 

First of all, Iím very sorry for the way I get in touch with you for such a 
matter. But the lack of reliable communication means and the confidentiality of 
this business, are the reasons that prompt me to do so. 

I would like to have a partnership with you, in order 

to invest a sum of USD 48,000,000 in any profitable 

sector in your country, as long as youíre Interested in my offer. The money was 
gotten as a result of over 

invoiced contracts and gratifications I got from contractors whom I awarded 
contracts to during my 


As a close aide to the former President, I couldnít use our banking system to 
transfer such an amount without a trace. 

This could cause me serious problems. Even presently, 

the new President has decided to freeze all the foreign accounts of all close 
associates Mr Patassť. So Iím now without any source of income. 

The above situation made me to ask for your cooperation for the keeping of 
these funds, for solid and reliable projects of investment. 

I and my wife have agreed to compensate of 10% of this sum for your help and 
your efforts. I mean USD 


I would like to hear from you on receipt of this mail, by showing me your good 
will and possibilities, so that I can give you more details. 

This matter requires a particular attention and an 

absolute confidentiality from you. 

I will be expecting your response to this mail, whatever your decision may be. 

NB:   Pls reply me truth this email :[EMAIL PROTECTED] for my security reason 

Best Regards. 

Marras Mbeti. 


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