Dear Beloved,

Calvary greetings in the precious name of our lord Jesus christ.
Beloved, i sincerely plead with you not to take offence with me for my
attitude of asking for your assistance, i believe that the Lord will surely
reward you as the bible says in Gal 6:10"As we have there fore opportunity,

let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the house hold
of faith"

I am Kodila Basungama Julien,from the republic of congo Kinshasa.
Iam an orphan that grew up in kinshasa and i decided to travel to
Burkinafaso for a better standard life.

I got to Burkinafaso and i began to work as a steward in the house of a
great politician called pierre badiel.

My boss became very successful and finally left politics to relocate with
the entire famil to Norway.

In Norway i found favor in the sight of my boss, he sent me to school and
took care of me like his own biological son.

I was everybody favourite,and this was due to my commitment in fellowship
with the almighty GOD, as i am a devoted Christian since i received JESUS
CHRIST as my personal lord and savior in the year 1980.

My boss became very sick, and was diagnose with the cancer of the lungs,this
sickness lasted for 7 years and he finally died this year on the 9th of
march.(may his soul dwell in perfect peace)
On the 5th of september a very big lawyer of my boss came from Africa, to
disclose the will of my boss to everyone.

To my greatest surprise half of his will was allocated to me. He gave me
his money that amounted to millions of dollars and some wonderful
properties in Africa.

Every body was surprised including the laywer.

But i was not too happy because the money was too much for me alone, so
i suggested to my boss wife that half of the funds should go for her and
her children and the rest for me.

My beloved little did i know that the wife of my boss family and some other
relatives of my boss are planning to kill me. All of a sudden i became there

They told me that i have bewitched my boss and that am a wizard, that i
have spiritually charmed him, and that was why he gave me half of his will.

I was then advised to leave the premises for savety,the lawyer called me
on the telephone and asked me if I am ready to go through the process of
receiving my inheritance, I declined and i told him all that the inheritance
had caused. The lawyer told me to be strong and courageous and advised me
to stand for my right.

He made me to understand that that everything is in the power of his hands,
that he can give me what rightly belongs to me, the documents of the properties
and some vital informations about the funds,where they are located and all
are in the power of his hands.

But the lawyer advised me to put the funds in my fathers account or in the
account of my relative for a while for security reasons.
I have confessed and I told him my life history, that i dont know who my
parents are nether do I know any relative, but i promised the lawyer that
I will get someone and then get back to him.
I told some of my close friends to please help and receive the fund, but
they are afraid and they said that the money is too much for them to keep
in there account.

I therefore did not stop there, I took another step of faith to put it in
writing and to send it to as many people as i can on the internet until
i get someone who is ready to help.

I need someone to help keep this funds for a while, I need someone that
will help me walk with the lawyer to secure this inheritance.
But i need a child of GOD, one that fears GOD, a devoted born again
chriatian,one full of love and sincerity, an upright man filled with the
wisdom of GOD.

If you are in that category please indicate by replying my mail and if you
are not, please dont reply me.

in my nest letter i shall give you a tangible prove that I am of GOD and
not of the devil.

N.B:Please note that if i dont reply your mail after a week, it means that
i have found someone to help me.

This is my alternative email address [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks for taking your time to read my mail.

GOD bless u real good.
Julien Kodila.

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