Dear Friend

With due respect i would like to disclose a mutual transaction with you
I am Dr Ateeq Rahman Khan the manager of international diplomatic cargo
services. we have a consignment valued at  ($35,000,000,00) thirty five million 
state dollas in our custody which was deposited by one of our customer from 
france .Now in
our computer system it records that the  beneficiary of the deposited 
is dead, the man died on air crash early june 2001.Until date we have not 
receive any
signal from his relatives for the claiming of the deposited consignment. Now i 
want your
coperation to move out this consignment  to your destination.As the manager of 
the company
i would take all measures at large to make sure the consignment will be shifted 
your direction. However as soon as i receive your favourable response then i 
update you on the mapped out procedures towards the successfull of moving out 
consignment to your destination.At this end i would appreciate you keep this 
trust at almost
confidentiality because of my position.I am looking forward for kindly response
Dr Ateeq Rahman Khan

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