Mrs. Rosemary Ncube.(On behalf of the Ncube Family of Zimbabwe).
No 66 Katherine Street, Sandton,Johannesburg.
Alternate Email:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 

Thank you for your attention, I must apologize firstly for contacting you by 
Email because I had no other option, I am prepared to offer you a substantial 
amount of money for you to assist me in removing some funds from South-Africa, 
my late husband, Mr.Gibson Ncube is the owner of this money, I am contacting 
you with a great sense of loss having just finished a customary 2 year period 
of mourning for my late husband, Mr. Gibson Ncube,a black Zimbabwean farmer who 
was attacked in his farm in the year 2002 by the War veterans who took over the 
farm of my late husband, on the night of this attack, I had managed to flee 
with my son and daughter from the farm because my husband was tipped off that 
his farm was being targeted to be attacked due to his position as 
Administrative secretary of the Matabeleland Movement for Democratic 
Change(MDC), the main opposition party in my country Zimbabwe,I lost my husband 
in October 2002, four months after the attack because he was hospitalized and 
passed away from his
injuries .I am contacting you with my son, Pascal, who is 32 years old. I am 
equally gravely sick with Breast Cancer and require your honest assistance as I 
am preparing to return to Zimbabwe to continually seek medical treatment. My 
husband had managed to sell off his equipment in his farm and was preparing to 
re-locate to neighboring Botswana where he was negotiating another piece of 
land to set up another farm, due to the tip-off he had received about his farm 
being up for seizure, he had managed to take the proceeds of sale of his 
equipment into South-Africa where he had deposited the box containing this 
money in a Vault of a safe storage facility, it was only on his deathbed that 
he disclosed this information to me and informed me that upon his passing away, 
I was to arrange to go to South-Africa with specific instructions which is one 
of the reasons why I have contacted you because the instructions require your 
services as an overseas business to conclude, please do not be surprised at 
this correspondence because my ill health has required me to seek your 
assistance urgently because I do not know how much longer I can live .If this 
correspondence touches your conscience, please feel free to contact me so I can 
give you more information through my son as I am making arrangements to travel 
to Zimbabwe anytime from now, my son will be in a good position to give you 
further details. This money can be put to better use in a business that can 
generate profit in your county and I will be prepared to
donate some potion of my family’s share of this money to a charitable 
organization for breast cancer sufferers ,the funds are not of illegal origin, 
it is not being traced or investigated, it is not stolen money, it is money 
that my husband made from selling his farm properties and I assure you there is 
no risk involved for you, your assistance will guarantee you at least US$1 
Million, please do not ignore this correspondence and I await your urgent reply 
by Email, thank you once more.

Sincerely yours,

Rosemary Ncube(Mrs).
Alternate Email of my Son:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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