1. Reliance 6 "Commercial Tower"

Location JVC
Floor 18th
Unit size 1289
Paid 20% (AED 266,823/-)
Opening Price 1035 / sq ft
Asking Price 1200 / sq ft (Premium = AED 212,685/-)
Third installment due on Sep 31st (10%)
Remaining 70% is financed through developer
Sales commission offered is AED 30,000 for selling the unit.

2. Lake District Unit

Beds 2
Floor 2nd
Opening Price 1,500,000/-
SP- 1,560,000
Payment made is 10%
Next Installment 15% on or before Oct 30th

Premium asked is 4%
sales commission offered from seller is AED 10,000/-

3. International City Studio

Cluster: Italy
With Balcony
Rented @ 45,000/month till July 2009
On POA and MOU
Tenant will complete his two year stay in July 09 and has given written
commitment to vacate in July 09.

Asking Price AED 560,000/-
Sales Commission offered from seller AED 5000/-


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