*J.L.T - Gold crest Executive office*

12th floor              lake view

Size: 798 sq.ft     unit 1210

Original price: AED  622,440

Selling price:  AED  2000/sq.ft  (Net)

Ready by one month

*J.L.T - X1 (Jumeirah Bay)*

Floor: 27, 28 - 1 B/R + Study full lake view

Size: 1002 sq.ft       unit: 2801

Original price:  AED   686,089

Selling price:    AED  1,780/sq.ft  (Net)

Ready by end of the year

*J.L.T -  Dome Tower Office*

Floor: 10        Unit: 1007

Size: 882 sq.ft

Original price:  760/sq.ft

Selling price:   1450/sq.ft

*J.L.T - Gold crest view 1 (studio)*

Floor: 14        unit: 1404

Size: 475 sq.ft   full lake view

Original price: AED  321,100

Selling price:  AED  920,000

Ready to move in

*Sport** City - Rufi Century Tower*

2 B/R      Floor:7     Unit:707

Size: 1124 sq.ft      Garden view

Original price:  AED 746,100

Selling price:    AED 1050/sq.ft   (Net)

*Sport** City - Rufi Century Tower*

1 B/R      Floor:7      Unit:704

Size: 811 sq.ft         Garden view

Original price: AED 583,740

Selling price:   AED 1050/sq.ft   (Net)

*Shop** International City (Greece Cluster)*

on the main roundabout

Size: 933 sq.ft = 86.68 sq.m2

Net:  721 sq.ft = 66.98 sq.m2

Original price: AED 522,000

Selling price:  AED 830,000

Ready to move

*Sport** City** German Tower2*

1 B/R + parking     Unit:703

Size: 891 sq.ft = 892 sq.m2

Original price: AED748,190

Selling price:   AED 900/sq.ft

*Sport** City German Designe Tower***

1 B/R      Floor:11    unit:1110

Size: AED 1039 sq.ft + parking

Original price: AED920,276

Selling price:  AED 1050/sq.ft

*Spring villa good location*

Type 3m    3 B/R + Study
Spring 14   street 1
Selling price: AED 4,000,000

*Silicon Oasis (Silicon spring)*

Studio flat  3rd floor    unit:321

Size: 659 sq.ft

Original price: AED 579,744

Selling price:  AED 1,150/sq.ft

Ready to move in by one month

*Ali ( 056-6052131 )*

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