Cloaker Express is the new tool for any affiliate user. If you want to be 
successful, then you must be able to protect your affiliate urls. Cloaker 
Express does that and much more. Here is an example of how Cloaker Express 
cloaks your url. Lets say your affiliate url is this:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Now if your domain you have 
Cloaker Express installed on is and you add the affiliate 
url with the name of test, then you would have something like this: Now you have an url that is protected from any 
modifications and the user will never have any idea that he/she is visiting an 
affiliate site, which brings you more money.The Cloaker Express not only cloaks 
your affiliate url, but it keeps track of information about the traffic that 
the cloaked url gets. With graphs and detailed analysis, this makes Cloaker 
Express the best url cloaker on the internet for anyone in the affiliate 
business. To learn more about Cloaker Express, please visit Thanks - Cloaker Express Team.

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