Financial trading is big money but 95% lose big time! I would also say
that over 95% of the websites are complete BS and anyone with less
than 2 years experience is a lamb to the slaughter. Everyone wants to
trade Forex because it is hyped up to be the greatest way to make
money. True - vendors are raking it in while traders are going broke.
With over ten years experience (yes, broke several times) and a
regular forum contributor on, I've seen it all... This
is different, quite genuine and quite original. I actually make my
money from trading, not from selling systems. I am available every day
to give support because I am trading this, my own system.
Why is oil so good? Because we trade one thing from one chart and get
about two clear signals a day with a very high success rate. We get
totally unambiguous signals with no repainting and have simple, exact
rules - follow them and you can literally more than double your money
every month.
The Oil Trading Business System is very easy to use and the signals
will be produced on your computer identical to the ones I trade
myself. They are completely unambiguous and easy to read. We sell on a
down arrow and buy on an up arrow, so long as this is confirmed by the
Trade Confirmation/Close Indicator (TCCI). All trades have a 90 point
stop loss and a 100 or 150 point take profit. However, trades are
closed before then if the TCCI changes colour. The trade indicator can
be adjusted to suit varying conditions and occasional updates are
posted in the Members Area. Remember, I am actually trading this every
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