I want to tell you about a little secret I have kept under the radar
for the past year due to an NDA. I am talking about a next generation
forex expert advisor...
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to beta test it. I ran
it on a $20,000 live account since Jan 2008 up to now and have made a
total net profit of just over $60,000, with just a 10% maximum
drawdown. Allow me to show you...
The name is Pipzu. It's a new expert advisor that been privately
developed by a team of 7 over the past two  years that just recently
went public. It has some very interesting features.
New Trend Adapting Technology that will allow Pipzu to alter its
trading strategy on its own to be profitable during any market
conditions. This is the first EA to successfully accomplish something
like this...
It even has a next generation market timing algorithm that picks
trades like it has a brain. Most EA's fail because they trade at
random, there is no logic as to why they open some trades which
inevitably make for big losses. Well, Pipzu brings a whole new aspect
to automated trading with its market timing algorithm. Not only does
it follow a rock solid core strategy, it won't open a trade unless the
timing algorithm thinks it's safe to do so.
With these two features, combined with a rock solid core strategy,
Pipzu has brought a whole new level of reliability and low risk to
expert advisors.
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