Step 1: Each night you sit in front of your PC and review the market-
a simple black and white process. It's so simple even a 16 year old
could do it!
Step 2: You confirm that two special "in the money" conditions are
Step3: Open your trade with the EXACT entry and exit points we hand to
Step4: That's it - set the orders and you're done. Sit back and wait
for the pips to roll in...
Why Some Traders Fail - While Others Succeed...
Having been trading Forex for over a decade, and with over 2,500
students now using my methods, I have a pretty good idea why most
people fail to profit with Forex.
Most sit around all day, applying a "discretionary system" - leaving
them stressed out, and out of pocket. Then they wonder why they can't
close a trade profitably.
The simple truth is that you need a hands-off, stress-free formula if
you want to make consistent money with Forex - one that you can apply
at a time that suits you ...
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