You won't need to "learn" anything .... Just COPY these. No margin for
error... just a template that's already profitable for you to
Not only is it a breakthrough in modern internet marketing, but Jamie
designed the software and the videos to work seamlessly with the
CopyNProfit campaigns, enabling you to take them to the next level and
potentially make more than I or Jamie have.
Step 1: Choose a campaign to work with: Pick your niche, keywords and
ads based on our data and PROVEN performance.
Step 2: Copy the campaign: Either copy & paste the campaign into your
PPC account or import the file for lightning fast results.
Step 3: Use the automatic ad creator software. (A great way to
MAXIMIZE the already existing profit generating campaign.
Step 4: Multiply your profits from your campaign to your article and
forum marketing efforts using the campaign and performance data. Yes,
exact templates to follow even here!
Step 5: Fire up your campaign and track the results and critique the
performance.  Watch the money come in.
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