'Harry Potter' star's death threats, Brangelina's wedding bust-up
Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe's life is in danger after
receiving death threats, news reports claim.So serious are the
reported "credible and very serious" threats made against his life,
the wizard star is now being protected by four ex-SAS
soldiers.Radcliffe, who is currently filming the next installment of
the Harry Potter franchise in the UK, has been assigned a security
team - all of whom used to work for the British army force, the
Special Air Service - as movie bosses feared for his safety.
A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "There is a real concern
for Daniel's welfare. No one has said what has been going on. It's all
hush-hush - but security has been massively ramped up. Daniel has the
four guards with him at all times."The threats made against the 18-
year-old star are unclear, but bosses at Warner Bros. are not prepared
to take any chances.
Aides close to the star are concocting a series of elaborate ploys to
outwit any potential stalkers, kidnappers or death eaters.
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