How in the world do we know which keywords to advertise and base our
business off of?
This is where PPC Web Spy comes into play...
With PPC Web Spy, you'll be able to uncover all of the keywords that
successful businesses are already making money with. Then, you'll be
able to take those keywords and advertise your own business.
Let me give you an example...
Let's say you were selling a "how to make money on the internet"
eBook. You would use PPC Web Spy to show you all of the keywords that
a very well-known, proven, "how to make money on the internet" eBook
seller was already advertising with.
Instead of you spending months and even years figuring out which
keywords could potential make you money, you can simply swoop in and
take the keywords from this successful eBook seller... The keywords
that probably took them months or years to uncover.
Then, just advertise your own eBook with those keywords and you can
expect similar results!
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