Shoreline apartment-Palm Jumeirah Furnished

Al Dabbas , 1BR, 190000PA
Al Dabbas , 2BR+M,250000PA
Al TAmr, 2BR, 220000PA
Al Hamri, 3BR+M, 320,000PA
Al Shahla, 3BR+M, 250,000PA
Al Khuskar, 3BR+M, 300000PA

Shoreline apartment-Palm Jumeirah Unfurnished
Al Hamri,2BR+M,190,000PA
Al Hamri,2BR+M,210,000PA
Al Shahla,3BR+M, 250,000PA
Al Khuskar,3BR+M, 260000PA
Al Hatimi,3BR+M,280,000PA

Palm Jumeirah Villas
Canalco Between frond C & D, 3BR+M, 400000PA
Canalco Between frond C & D, 3BR+M, 400000PA
Canalco Between frond C & D, 4BR+M, 450000PA
F frond, 4BR+M, Garden Home, 500,000PA
A Frond , 6BR+M, Signature Villa, 850,000Nego
A Frond, 6BR+M, Signature Villa, 850,000Nego
M Frond, 6BR+M, Signature Villa, 850,000Nego

Springs Villas
Springs 3 ,2E,3BR+M+S,280000PA
Springs 10,2E,#BR+M+S,275000PA
Springs 4,4E,2BR+S,190000PA (Modified Villa)

Emirates Hills Villas
The Lakes,Forat community,3BR+M+S,280000PA
The Lakes,Zulal community,3BR+M+S,On Lake,300000PA
The Lakes,Zulal community,3BR+M+S,Nr Lake,270000PA
Montogomeria,3BR,Golf View,390000pa

Arabian Ranches Villas
Al Reem,3E,3BR+S,260000PA
Al Reem,2E,3BR+S+M,Lake View,320000Pa
Al Varado,B1,4BR,350000PA
Al Varado,C2,5BR,400000Pa
Mirador 5BR+M,400000PA

Dubai Marina Apartments
Al Mass,2BR+Study,Furnished,240,000PA
Marina Diamond 5,2BR,Furnished 195,000PA
Zen Tower,3BR,240,000PA
Dorra Bay,1BR,Full Sea View,120,000PA

Jumeirah Beach Residence Apartments
Sadaf 7, 2BR,175000PA
Sadaf 7,2BR,210000PA
Rimal 3,2BR,200000pa
Sadaf 4,2BR,250,000PA
Bahar4,2BR, Furnished,Sea view,210000PA
Murjan 1,3BR,Furnished Full Sea view,270,000PA
Murjan 6, 3BR,Furnished,Full Sea View,300000PA

Jumeirah Lake Towers Apartments
Al Seef ,2BR+M,175000PA
Al Seef,3BR+M,280000PA
Al Serra,3BR+M,295000PA
Al Madina,1BR,120000PA
Green Lake ,1BR,Furnished,145000PA
Lake View,1BR,145000PA
Green Lake 2BR,Furnished,200000PA
Saba Tower,2BR,Furnished,150000PA
Saba Tower,1BR,Furnished,125000PA

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