By following the principles of Doc Brown's Futures, Forex, and Options
Autopilot, you can multiply the power of every dollar you invest 20,
30, even 200 times over...and that means you can also multiply the
Let's say you believe silver is going to increase in price.  You would
purchase 5,000 ounces of bullion at the going price.  At the moment
I'm writing this, silver is selling at $13.61.  So your outlay would
be about $68,000.
Now if silver went up $3 an ounce you'd have a profit of $15,000.  —
22%. And you'd be pleased.  But let's look at another alternative.
Let's suppose you decided not to purchase the actual silver itself,
but you purchased an option to buy it, in the form of a Nymex 5,000
ounce futures contract.  To begin with you wouldn't need $27,000 —
you'd only need to invest about $3,000.  So right away you've saved
Now, if silver went up $3 an ounce — you'd still have a profit of
$15,000 but at a much lower cost.  So now that would represent a gain
of 500% of your original investment.
Of course, if you did invest the entire $68,000 in options rather than
bullion — your profit would be two hundred four thousand dollars!
Over 22 times your original profits generated by the same investment!
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