You see, there are many well-intended people in the industry, but
unfortunately, they do not fully understand the Law of Attraction.
Without even realizing it, they teach you only one small part of the
truth, but they make it sound like the whole truth. The unfortunate
side effect of this is that when students from these teachers find
little success, they turn away as disbelievers to the Law.
Were you one of them?
Please remember this point, if you get half-truths, you will only get
half the benefits. Or worst, you might get NO results at all!
And that's just for starters.
If you're in good economic times, it's all fine and dandy. You might
be a little disappointed, but you're able to get by.
But once times are bad like now, even getting by is now impossible.
Your stocks are going down. The US government does not seem to know
what they're doing. Inflation is going up.
And worst...
Your invested time, money, and even hope has dwindled away.
At this point, you really need something that works. You don't want
any more pop culture fluff. You want a technique that will genuinely
help you as opposed to hindering you.
In other words, you need a miracle. You need that magic pill that can
pull you out of these hard times and recession-proof your wallet.
You want to be a cut above your peers and rise up in your career as
opposed to fearing for your job.
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