Fellow Frustrated Wealth-Seeker,
You've every right to be furious right now...
The gurus have let you down.
Google has crushed the dreams of thousands of small-time affiliates.
Gurus have flooded the market with weak, rehashed systems that don't
work in 2009, causing an unprecented backlash against not just Adwords
- but Internet money-making in general.
Even so, it's still possible for the little guy to enter the game.
But if you fail to make the right decisions, right NOW, that could all
be about to change.
If you want a clear path away from failure and towards success in
these dark times, I strongly suggest you listen to what I have to say
Tell me if any of this sounds familiar...
I must STOP wasting my money on rehashed ebooks and bloated Adwords
I want to swipe a $100,000/month affiliate's maverick system
I accept that the only way I will ever take my cut of a $6 billion
industry, is by abandoning everything I thought I knew...
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