In the quest to find easier and quicker ways of accomplishing computer-
based tasks, Micah tested various software programs and systems...
--and to make a long story short, he discovered a customizable
software program that was able to accomplish most of what he wanted it
to do.
Over the past few years, he has developed this program into a unique
system that completes tasks for him on demand.
No longer does he view the menial tasks of Internet marketing as pains
in the rear. He views them as challenges to be overcome, and he has
made a game of conquering them one by one.
First he automated the process of handling emails, saving hours a
Then he streamlined our customer service...
Then he automated various tasks related to managing my many websites.
And on and on, he continued to "train" his special software to do
whatever he wanted it to do.
Within a couple years, it had almost taken on a life of its own...
We knew we had something big on our hands when he pressed ONE button,
and his computer did a job that would have normally taken him 8
That particular task happened to be building a large collection of
website templates.
Would you like to be able to press a button and let your computer do
something like that for you?
It's now been a couple of years since that epiphany, and we've
continued to use this special software for new and increasingly more
complicated things.
And while it was custom tailored for the needs of my business, we
always knew that it could be customized to meet the needs of ANY
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