Dear all,

I have just got listed following villas at Springs for sale & Rent.  Please
let me know if you need more details for any of these.


      *Springs no*
*Property* *View* *Selling Price* 5 3 br+2 M Lake+ swimming pool view 2.5M 5
3br+Md+st(3E) Lake view, community centre shops 2.3M 5 3 br+st+Md(3E) private
pool, garden view 2.2-2.5

      *Springs no*
*Property* *View* *Price* 9 2 Bed + S Lake+park view 130K 4 2 br+st
Garden+lake 150K -160K 3 3/4 br+st+md 4b 2a Back 2 Back, LndS Gd
200K-250K 8 3br
+ M+ S3E   200k 9 3br + St 3E Lake view 220k 9 3 br+M+ s 1E Lake view 260 k
5 3 br+ M   130K

Thanks and Regards,
050 55747587

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