State Of The Art Trend Adapting Technology: If you have used an expert
advisor before, you probably know that it only seems to be profitable
when the market is on a constant upward or downward trend. Unless the
market follows that specific expert advisors strategy(which we all
know will never happen for a long period of time) then you will start
to see losing trades. There's no if and's or but's about it!
This is where Pipzu's state of the art trend adapting technology comes
in. It has it's core strategy it follows, but when the market changes,
Pipzu analyzes the data, and alters the trading strategy in order to
profit in the new market condition. This is one of the main reasons
Pipzu only trades 1-2 times per week, so it can make the absolute
safest trades possible. Another very important ground-breaking feature
Pipzu's backed by is it's...
Next Generation Market Timing Algorithm: There is no random buy and
hold trades here! Every trade Pipzu makes is highly calculated over
days worth of data. Our Market timing algorithm was by far the feature
we invested the most time, money and research into perfecting. Market
timing is one, if not the most important part of forex trading. So we
strived to be the first to release an expert advisor, that actually
has a brain in a sense, and trades only at the right time, not any
The Lowest Risk Expert Advisor To Date: Pipzu has some of the lowest
drawdown percentages in the history of expert advisors. Drawdown
represents the total percentage loss experienced by a strategy before
it starts winning again ... and drives the investment balance back up.
So with our extremely low drawdowns, state of the art trend adapting
technology, next generation market timing algorithm, backed by a rock
solid strategy, there is no way to lose! We failed at trying to make
Pipzu fail.
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