You can't trust anyone in a position of authority in the bankruptcy or
debt consolidation field!
Why?  Because every lawyer, debt consolidation company, debt counselor
and financial consultant has a vested interest in what action you
ultimately decide to take.  They only make money if they can convince
you to "hire" them!
To make matters worse, they will pretty much say... do... or promise
anything to make you one of their clients.  Even if it means outright
lying to your face!
It's really a no-win situation for the little guy -- and for you to
succeed -- you MUST realize that the deck is stacked in THEIR favor,
NOT YOURS, because YOU are the one with the debt problem... NOT THEM!
And I'll bet you right now, that not even ONE of these so called
experts ever took the time to tell you about the huge pool of other
options you have available to solve your debt problem.  Other than the
ones they were trying to "sell" you on.
Am I right?
Specifically are you aware...
There is a simple one page letter you can send to all of your
creditors that will get you out of debt completely, improve your
credit rating, or cut your monthly payments in half, INSTANTLY!
There is a way you can end harassing phone calls from pushy bill
collectors... and have their actions result in the cancellation of
your debt, IMMEDIATELY!
And best of all there is a "secret" way you can file for bankruptcy
and keep it out of your credit report, FOREVER!
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