*Dear Agents*

*See the latest availability list for Rent in International City.*

*I am out of Dubai at the moment for a month so you can send me a text or
mail me at **vicky.ag...@gmail.com* <vicky.ag...@gmail.com>

  *Studio and One bed for Rent in International City*

 *Ref No-9, International City, Morocco-I13, Studio, 3rd Floor, With
Balcony, Rent - AED 28k*

*Ref No-12, International City, China-E7, Studio, 1st Floor, Furnished Rent
- AED 3500/month*

*Ref No-9, International City, Persia-N1, Studio, 2nd Floor, Rent - AED 28k*

* Ref No-9, International City, Persia-N1, Studio, 4th Floor, Rent - AED 28k

* Ref No-19, International City, Italy-U24, Studio, 1st Floor, Rent - AED

* Ref No-2, International City, France-P5, 1st Floor, One Bed, Rent AED 42k*

* Ref No-16, International City, England-Y9, 3rd Floor, One Bed, Rent AED

*Ref No-2, International City, France-P9, One Bed, 1st Floor, Rent - AED 40k

*Ref No-15, International City, France-Q4, One Bed, 3rd Floor, Rent - AED

*Ref No-17, International City, Italy-U6, One Bed, Ground Floor, Rent - AED

Note: Please don't reply on this mail or the message can be lost. Mail Back
at *vicky.ag...@gmail.com* <vicky.ag...@gmail.com>


*Vicky Gupta*

*India No. +919716401694* *(send me a text and I'll get back to you)*


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