Me too Muslim, but this person made me to understand the God I worship. I think, really its worth to read...
Thanks a lot!


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Subject:        Let us tell the truth, because we had been created with truth!
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*Dear Brothers,
Will you be just away from how you had been taught!** ****Now, think why we are in this world and what for we have blessed with rational knowledge!! **Won't you analyze your soul; and your body "a media for the soul" to live in this world!!!** **Do you understand who created you? If I ask you to define Him; will you define as "The Supreme creator", Every livings should be created by the same creator who created me. So, He should be only one. He should be eternal and away from all defects.** *

*Then this is what is Holy Quran says too.*

*Say, He is Allah (the) One. The self-sufficient (far from weaknesses). He begets not, nor He begotten. There is none comparable to Him. **(Holy Quran, Chapter: 112)***

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Final Religion

The Lord (Allah) is one and only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He neither beget nor begotten , And there is none unto Him. (Holy Quran: 112)

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