I have some offer for You, maybe it would be useful not only for You,but for
me also.
I've been thinking.... Would it be possible to advertise, to make some
commercial in my country about Your household You're selling or renting. To
search for contacts in my country and after that, give these persons to You
(if they are potential renters or buyers). It's like to be a distributor
(me) in my country, offering Your product and if they are interested give
their contact to You.
The main question is:
Is it possible to be to make some contracts,that from every person who will
buy or rent Your product I had recommended, I will have some percent from
the amount (it not going to be much. about 0.1%. This question we should
discuss more sirious , I suppose)?

Thank You for Your time
Sincerely Your
Tadas Grabliauskas

p.s. I'm studying in Kaunas Technology University (Lithuania), 3 years been
practicing in banks.Such departments like : financial brokers, credit and
bailiffs. Now I'm working in one of the biggest Bank in Northern Europe
S|E|B bank as a Life insurance broker.

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