*Jumeirah islands*

4 bedroom + maid + study, Spanish garden hall, rented, lake view, sale: 5.5m

*Arabian Ranches*

Mirador LC 2

Type 17, 5bed+maid+study, landscaped garden, full Golf course view, rented,
sale: Give Offers!!

Mirador -1

Type 17, 5bed+maid+study, landscaped garden, normal view, sale: 3.75million


Type 3, 5 bed+maid+ extra driver room, with private pool & barbeque area,
sale: 3.7m


Type 7, 3+maid, with private pool & upgraded inside, park view, sale: 3m


Type 8, 3+maid, normal view, sale: 3m

Al Reem

Type 3M, 3 bedroom, community view, sale: 1.8million net


type B, landscaped garden rented till Jan 21012@ 100k- sale: 1.6m net

Falcon City

3+maid+driver room, Andalusia style 3190sqft, park view, ready by June,
sale: 3.25million net

*Emirates hills*

5 bedroom , 12500sqft b.u.a., 13800sqft plot size,  landscaped garden with
pool & elevator, sale: give offers!!!

*Dubai Marina*

Marina Quays

3 bed + maid villa, 2673sqft, sale: 3.9million net

Marina Diamond

2 bedroom, 1100sqft, szr view, sale: 1million net

Marina Diamond

1 bedroom, 666sqft, szr view, sale: 750k net

Marina Diamond

1 br, 670 sqft. partial marina view,, fully furnished sale: 650k

Iris Blue

1 bedroom, 840sqft, partial marina view, rented, sale: 1.1million net

Al Sahab 2

2 bedroom, marina / sea view, 1430 sqft. rented, sale: 1.5m net to owner

Royal Oceanic

3 bedroom, 2705sqft, partial marina & sea view, rented,  sale: 2.65million

Fair field, park island

1 bedroom, 909sqft, sea view, rented, sale: 1.2million net

La riviera

4 br penthouse, 3000 sqft, marina/ jumeirah island view sp: 3m net to owner

*Business bay*

Executive towers D, office unit, 1800sqft, fully fitted, rented, szr & sea
view, sale: 1.85million net

*Down Town*

Burj Khalifa

2 bedroom + maid, 2056sqft, sh. Zayed road view, sale: 5.15million net

Burj Residences

2 bedroom, 1367sqft, partial Burj & lake view, rented till nov-11, sale:
2.75million net

Burj Residences

2 bedroom, 1365sqft, Burj & lake view, rented till july-11, sale: 2.6million

Burj Residences

2 bedroom, 1572sqft, old town view,  sale : 2.5million net

Burj Residences

3+maid, 2598sqft, full Burj view from living room, rented, sale: give

Burj Residences

3+maid, 2379sqft, Business Bay view, rented, sale: give offers!!!

Burj views

1 bedroom, 915sqft, Business bay view, sale: 900k net

8 boulevard

Studio apt, 463sqft, business bay view, rented, sale: 625k

South ridge

1 bedroom, 1043sqft, community view, rented, sale: 1million net

Address Lake hotel

2 bedroom, Burj view, sale: 5million net

Address Lake Hotel

1 bedroom, 818sqft, sale: 1.9million net

Boulevard Plaza office

4500sqft, szr & rotana view, sale: give offer!!

*Old town*


1 bedroom, normal view, 732sqft, sale: give offer


3 bedroom + maid + garden, normal view, sale: give offer


2 bedroom + study, community view, sale: 1.8million net


1 bedroom ,partial Burj & community view, sale: 1.3million net


1 bedroom + garden, 1588sqft, sale: 1.3million net


Al thayal

1 bedroom with terrace, 1070sqft, pool view, sale: 700k


2 + study, 1214sqft, pool view, sale: 1.05million net

Golf Tower

2 bedroom, 1440sqft, lake & golf view, sale: 1.15million net

Links East

3 bedroom, 1679sqft, golf view, sale: 1.7million net

Links west

2 bedroom, 1323sqft, rented till oct-11, sale: 1.8million net


1 bedroom, 747sqft, race course view, rented, sale: 695k net


4 br bungalow villa, 4200 sqft. landscaped garden, sale: 2.7m net

*Motor city*

Widcombe house

1 bedroom, 1092sqft, rented till Aug-11, sale: give offers!!!

2 bedroom, 2004sqft, rented till Aug-11, sale: give offers!!!

*Jumeirah village triangle*

* *

2+maid, 2700sqft, park & road view, rented, sale: 1.95miillion

*Palm Jumeirah*

* *

Shoreline apt

4+maid, penthouse, 5563sqft, sale: 3.95million net

Garden home

4 bedroom, atrium entry, fully furnished & modified interiors, sale:

Signature villa

5 bedroom, European central gallery, 7000sqft, sale: 17.5million

Tiara residences

2+maid, diamond bldg, 1712sqft, sale: 4million net

*The Villa*

Marbella, 5+maid+study, 8699sqft, rented, sale: give offers!!!

*Al Barari*

6 bedroom, Type D9, 10868sqft, lake & park view, sale: 12million net


Best Regards,

*Alice *
Property Consultant
+971 55 912 3484

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