Yahoo Research is growing its strategic research teams to enable the company to 
build new products and platforms that our customers need, now and in the 
future. We have exciting job openings in several technical focus areas that are 
located in our New York City office located one block from Times Square.
We hire the best scientific minds who like to roll up their sleeves, make new 
discoveries and contribute to the success of   the   business.   We  are   
looking   for   Research   Scientists   with   a   PhD   degree   in   Computer 
  Science,   Electrical Engineering or Mathematical Optimization. Our 
scientists specialize in designing and building scalable and reliable 
distributed and parallel systems that serve all the aspects of big data like 
data mining, optimization, machine learning, computational  economics  and 
analytics. We  design  innovative  algorithms to push  the capacity, 
performance and reliability of our platforms, exploit novel hardware and 
software architectures, and evaluate the impact in Web-scale production 
settings. We actively contribute to the scientific and open source communities 
in foundations of Computer Science, Machine Learning, Mathematical Optimization 
and Computational Economics. 
Here are some reasons to explore this opportunity:1. We have a huge number of 
research problems to solve that lie on the intersection of Optimization, 
Machine Learning and Computational Economics. If you are an expert in one of 
these fields and want to expand your research profile this is an ideal place 
for you.2. We work on game changing products and solutions, you can quickly see 
how your research ideas and algorithms influence revenue and user engagement.3. 
We care about you continuing your fundamental research, publishing papers and 
keeping track of the latest technologies developed in your respective field.
Responsibilities Include: ·  Deep dive into the data to understand and apply 
patterns, while maintaining a sense of the big picture.·  Work closely with 
colleagues on the engineering team to put research results into action.·  
Provide thought leadership to guide the direction of Yahoo products and 
services. ·  Push your own research agenda and look to influence our products 
and services with your expertise. 
Required Skills and Qualifications:·   PhD in Computer Science, Electrical 
Engineering or Mathematical Optimization.·  Strong research track record 
(academic or industrial) in one of the following areas: Mathematical 
Optimization and Algorithm  Design,   Data   Analytics,   Machine   Learning,   
Computational   Economics   (auctions,   pricing,   mechanism design) or 
related areas.·   Strong design and implementation skills in Java or C++. 
Experience with large-scale production code development a plus. ·  Ability to 
conduct research that is justified and guided by business opportunities.·  
Strong communication and presentation skills
 Please send your CV and a short letter of interest to Maxim Sviridenko (sviri 
at yahoo-inc dot com). 

David Pal
Research Scientist
M: +1 (646) 206-4832 
229 West 43rd Street, Floor 14, New York, NY 10036
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