EPIA 2017

18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence
September 5-8, 2017
Porto -- Portugal


Special Issue on Computational Models for Social and Technical Interactions

The journal track invites high-quality submissions that present original work 
in the areas of computational models for understanding, modelling, and 
facilitating social interaction between people, organizations and systems. 
Topics covering intelligent socio-technical systems, adaptive and social-aware 
intelligent systems, evolving social systems, adaptive and reactive intelligent 
systems, Governance mechanisms, Organizational learning, Social media analysis, 
Social network analysis, Social robotics, smart cities, V2V,  etc. are welcome.

Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of the New Generation Computing 
<http://www.springer.com/computer/ai/journal/354> journal and, moreover, a 
presentation slot at the EPIA 2017 conference will be assigned.

Given the special nature of the EPIA 2017 journal track, only papers that 
naturally lend themselves to conference talks will be considered. For instance, 
journal versions of previously published conference papers, or survey papers 
will not be considered for the special issue. Such submissions might be 
submitted to the regular submission track of the journal.

How to submit?

To submit to EPIA’17 journal track, authors must send an e-mail to the Editor of NGC 
Dr.Masami Hagiya to n...@ohmsha.co.jpand CC to the e-mail epia2...@fe.up.pt 
<mailto:epia2...@fe.up.pt>. The Subject of the e-mail should be “Submission for 
the EPIA 2017 special issue”. Papers must be submitted in PDF format, using the style 
format of NGC. In the body of e-mail, authors should specify one of the six major 
fields (http://www.ohmsha.co.jp/ngc/information.htm#info-major) of the paper, and any 
previous publication with overlapping material. The EPIA 2017 Chairs will coordinate 
the review process.

Authors who submit their work to the special EPIA 2017 journal track commit 
themselves to present their results at the EPIA conference in case of 
acceptance. If you are not interested in presenting your work at EPIA 2017, 
please do not submit to this special issue of the journal.


It is recommended that submitted papers do not exceed 20 pages including 
references and appendices, formatted in the New Generation Computing journal 
This is a soft limit, but if a submission exceeds the limit, please provide a 
brief justification regarding the length in the cover letter.

Important dates for the journal track

Authors can submit at any time to this Special Issue. Once a paper is 
submitted, the review process starts. At least, two independent reviewers will 
review each paper. The expected review time is 2 months. We strongly suggest 
earlier submissions to accommodate the usual iterative review process. The very 
last date for submission is 1 April 2017.

Notes on quality threshold

The submissions will be treated as regular NGC journal submission with the same 
quality criteria; any paper accepted in the special issue will have to satisfy 
the high quality standards of the journal.

Potential outcomes of the evaluation process

Depending on the decisions of the handling editors, multiple outcomes are 
possible for a paper submitted to the journal track:

Accept or Accept conditional to minor revisions in case the paper meets the 
journal acceptance criteria; if the final acceptance of the paper occurs before 
June 2017, a regular presentation slot for the paper will be allotted in the 
EPIA 2017 program.

Reject in case the paper does not meet the quality criteria of the journal.

In exceptional cases, the editors may decide that the research presented in the 
paper is not mature enough to be acceptable for the journal special issue, yet 
consider it, due to its originality and potential, a valuable asset for the 
EPIA 2017 conference. In such cases, the authors will be invited to revise and 
shorten their paper and submit to an EPIA 2017 regular track (in case the 
corresponding deadline can still be met), where the paper will be subject to a 
light reviewing process.

The Journal Track Guest Editors
Eugenio Oliveira, João Gama

Carlos Ferreira

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