Adobe Research is looking for a student intern with expertise in Machine 
Learning and Data Science, particularly applied to Video data.

Our research focusses on various topics but not limited to such as:

·         Recommendation systems

·         Probabilistic Graphical Models

·         Big data visualization

·         Feature selection

·         Hierarchical Clustering

·         Matrix Factorization techniques

·         Online learning

·         Bayesian Nonparametric techniques

·         Variational Inference

The internship will be at the Big Data Experience Lab(BEL) 
( located in San Jose, California. It will be at 
least 12 weeks long and can start anytime depending on the availability of the 
candidate in Spring/Summer 2017.
The candidate must possess outstanding potential for original research in Data 
Science, with a passion for seeing that research makes its way into products. 
In addition, the individual should have good communication skills, as well as 
strong interest in collaborative work with other researchers and product 
development teams inside Adobe.

Researchers in the lab employ big data analytics, content analysis and mobile 
intelligence techniques to enable organizations deliver delightful experiences 
in Digital Marketing. The lab has created and delivered several break-through 
technologies, which deeply impacted Adobe products.
Interested candidates should send their CVs to:
Saayan Mitra (<> or
Somdeb Sarkhel (<>

- Knack for solving problems on large real-world datasets.
- Publish papers in leading conferences characterizing the work.
- Assist in preparing patents describing new inventions.

- Strong communication skills and teamwork experience;
- Strong programming skills in C/C++, Java, Python or other similar languages.
- Enrolled in a PhD program in Computer Science, Statistics, Electrical 
Engineering or related departments.
- Must have academic research experience in Machine Learning / Artificial 
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