The Advanced Course on AI (ACAI) is a specialized course in Artificial 
Intelligence sponsored by EurAI. The 2018 edition will be in Ferrara, Italy on 
August 27th - 31st 2018, save the date!
The theme of the 2018 ACAI School is Statistical Relational Artificial 
Intelligence (StarAI).
StarAI is an emerging area that combines logical (or relational) AI and 
probabilistic (or statistical) AI.

Relational AI deals very effectively with complex domains involving many and 
even a varying number of entities connected by complex relationships, while 
statistical AI manages well the uncertainty that derives from incomplete and 
noisy descriptions of the domains. Both fields achieved significant successes 
over the last thirty years but evolved largely independently until about 
fifteen years ago, when the potential originating from their combination 
started to emerge. Statistical Relational Learning (SRL) was proposed for 
exploiting relational descriptions in statistical machine learning methods from 
the field of graphical models. Meanwhile, the scope of SRL was significantly 
advanced in StarAI to cover all forms of reasoning and models of AI. StarAI is 
nowadays an ample area encompassing many and diverse approaches.

The school includes courses on foundations of relational and statistical AI 
together with advanced courses on the new StarAI approaches and applications. 
The talks will provide theoretical background, practical examples and real 
applications where StarAI can play a role. Hands-on classes will be also 
organized where the main StarAI techniques will be applied to 'small' examples.

The list of confirmed lectures is:

Luc De Raedt: Probabilistic Programming
Paolo Frasconi: Kernels and deep networks for structured data
Sebastian Riedel: Differentiable Program Interpreters
Artur d'Avila Garcez: Neural-symbolic learning
Marco Lippi: Applications of Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence
Sriraam Natarajan: Human-in-the-loop Statistical Relational Learning
Mathias Niepert and Alberto García Durán: Multi-Modal Neural Link Prediction
Kristian Kersting: Lifted Statistical Machine Learning
Fabrizio Riguzzi: Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming

Up to date information can be found at the event website
The registration fees will be published shortly.

ACAI 2018 is part of the Relational Artificial Intelligence Days 2018 (RAID 
2018, ), which will be held in Ferrara, Italy, on 
August 27th 2018 - September 4th 2018. RAID includes, besides ACAI 2018, also:
- PLP 2018: 5th Workshop on Probabilistic Logic Programming, September 1st 
- ILP 2018: 28th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, 
September 2nd - 4th 2018,

Probabilistic Logic Programming (PLP) addresses the need to reason about 
relational domains under uncertainty arising in a variety of application 
domains. PLP is part of a wider current interest in probabilistic programming.  
PLP 2018  aims to bring together researchers in all aspects of probabilistic 
logic programming, including theoretical work, system implementations and 

The ILP conference series, started in 1991, is the premier international forum 
for learning from structured or semi-structured relational data. Originally 
focusing on the induction of logic programs, over the years it has 
significantly expanded and it welcomes contributions to all aspects of learning 
in logic, multi-relational data mining, statistical relational learning, graph 
and tree mining, learning in other (non-propositional) logic-based knowledge 
representation frameworks, exploring intersections to statistical learning and 
other probabilistic approaches.

RAID 2018 offers a very good opportunity to get up to date with the latest 
trends in logical and relational AI. We really hope to meet you in Ferrara!

Kristian Kersting, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Marco Lippi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Sriraam Natarajan, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Fabrizio Riguzzi, University of Ferrara, Italy
Elena Bellodi, University of Ferrara, Italy
Tom Schrijvers, KU Leuven, Belgium
Riccardo Zese, University of Ferrara, Italy

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