Legal and Ethical Issues Workshop

LREC 2018 Workshop, 8 May 2018 (afternoon session)
Miyazaki, Japan

Deadline for 1500-2000 words abstract submission: 16 March 2018

Ethics and Legal Issues are topics that have long been addressed at LREC. This 
year, to better respond to the needs of the international language resources 
community, a single workshop will deal with Legal and Ethical Issues in 
Language Resources.
The scope of the Legal and Ethical Issues Workshop spans the entire processing 
pipeline from resource collection and annotation to system development and 
applications within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The workshop 
will include expert presentations on the recent changes in the legal framework 
concerning Language Resources. In addition, updates from research 
infrastructures in the EU and US are expected as well as original research by 
lawyers and scholars working in the field of language technology.

Topics of interest include:
- Privacy and data protection
- Ethics in multimodal, sensorial data collection
- Ethics in annotation (crowd-sourced) of private data
- Copyright and other intellectual property rights
- Public Sector Information
- Open Science Policies
- Industry 4.0 and Language Resources Technologies
- Transparency and explicability in Machine Learning
- Ethics in Affective, Behavioral, and Social Computing
- Nudging and manipulation with machines
- Human-machine interaction for vulnerable populations
- Freedom of information

Papers pertaining to Asian law and/or comparative law are particularly welcome 
this year.


1500-2000 words extended abstracts (by 16 March 2018) are needed at first for 
submission. The full papers will be published as workshop proceedings along 
with the LREC main conference by ELRA. For these, the instructions of LREC need 
to be followed. The abstracts are to be submitted via the START conference 

- Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: 16 March 2018
- Notification of acceptance: 30 March 2018
- Submission of final version of accepted papers: 25 Avril 2018
- Workshop session: 8 May 2018

- Gilles Adda -- LIMSI-CNRS/University Paris-Saclay, France
- Khalid Choukri - ELRA, Paris, France
- Laurence Devillers -- LIMSI-CNRS/Paris-Sorbonne University, France
- Pawel Kamocki - ELDA, Paris, France
- Erik Ketzan - Birkbeck, University of London, UK
- Joseph Mariani -- LIMSI-CNRS/University Paris-Saclay, France
- Stelios Piperidis - Athena Research Center/ILSP, Athens, Greece
- Björn Schuller -- Imperial College London, UK / University of Augsburg, 
- Prodromos Tsiavos -- Athena Research Center/ILSP, Athens, Greece
- Andreas Witt - University of Cologne, Digital Humanities; Institut für 
Deutsche Sprache,
Mannheim, Germany

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