2018 IEEE Big Data Cup

We invite individuals or teams from any academic or industrial sectors to 
submit a letter of intent to participate in the IEEE Big Data Cup as a 
sponsored event of the 2108 International Conference on Big Data (IEEE Big Data 
2018, (http://cci.drexel.edu/bigdata/bigdata2018/index.html ). The Data Cup is 
an analytics and programming contest based on datasets released by the 
organizations sponsoring the competitions. These contests will run for several 
months, with winners announced in the IEEE Big Data 2018  in December 10-13, 

This year’s Big Data Cup supports the following two tracks.  

Track1 : Road Damage Detection. Since roads have a great influence on people's 
lives, maintenance and management of roads should be done periodically and 
exhaustively. However, due to lack of financial resources, many local 
governments are not able to conduct sufficient inspections. In fact, some 
municipalities automate damage determination by using high-performance sensors, 
but because of their high cost, many municipalities are unable to introduce 
them. Therefore, there is a need for the development of low-cost method to 
judge the damage of the road surface at low cost. This challenge is to detect 
damages contained in road images photographed by a vehicle-mounted camera. When 
this challenge goes well, there is a possibility that a simple road check can 
be done using only hand-held devices such as a smartphone. More details of this 
track of the Big Data Cup can be found here: 

Track2: Voice Data Challenge by FEMH. Computerized detection of voice disorders 
has attracted considerable academic and clinical interest in the hope of 
providing an effective screening method for voice diseases before endoscopic 
confirmation. The goal of this competition is to detect pathological voice and 
classify three disordered categories from acoustic waveforms collected by FEMH 
(Far Eastern Memorial Hospital). From a health science perspective, a 
pathological status of the human voice can substantially reduce quality of life 
and occupational performance, which results in considerable costs for both the 
patient and the society. More details of this track of the Big Data Cup can be 
found here: https://femh-challenge2018.weebly.com

The challenges run on a data competition platform (e.g., Kaggle) that maintains 
a leaderboard for the participants. Final winners are selected based on their 
standing on the leaderboard, and a 6-page report describing their algorithms 
and results. Winners will be awarded a prize provided by the challenge 
sponsors. There will be a workshop in the IEEE BigData 2018 conference in which 
the invited teams will present their solutions. Interested parties should 
consult the above websites for the individual data challenges for more details. 

Important Dates:

Deadline for contest teams to submit letter of intent: June 10, 2018
Deadline for contest teams to submit final report and solutions, November 10, 
Announcement of winning teams, Nov 20, 2018

2018 IEEE Big Data Cup Co-Chairs
Mohammad Al Hasan, Associate Professor, Indiana University Purdue University 
Indianapolis (alha...@iupui.edu)
Yicheng Tu, Associate Professor, University of South Florida (t...@mail.usf.edu)

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