I have a couple of hundred used/tested NB22's that I'm willing to part
with.. Contact me off list if interested.


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Despite the best efforts of Ubiquiti to get me to throw out a couple
thousand NanoBridge CPE and buy AC's I still run over 200 AP's that use EOL
equipment.  We use NanoBeams now for the close in stuff up to 5 miles and
can still easily find NanoBridge 25's for 7+ miles. What we need is the old
NB22's for the 5-7 mile range and they are getting scarce.  Nothing else
UBNT has is UNII capable so we're worried we won't be able to find more of
these radios.  Any of the new "Air" stuff that can fill that gap or should I
just go buy up the rest of the country's NB inventory?



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