Hi Glenn,

Its a long shot I know, but have you made sure that VirtualBox has the keyboard focus before pressing the Orca shortcut keys?

I'm not familiar with VirtualBox, but with VMWare you have to press Ctrl+G so that VMWare grabs the keyboard input and sends it to the guest operating system.



On 07/03/18 01:03, Glenn At Home wrote:
Today I downloaded Oracle Virtual Box and installed it on Windows 7.
It is on a 64 bit machine with adequate RAM.
I loaded Ubuntu 16.4.3-i386 version.
It said it was running.
I could not load up Orca.
Using the left control and S, the alt + windows + S nor alt + F2 and running orca worked. I was using an ISO that I have installed onto USB and DVD before, so the ISO is good.
Any pointers?

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